Break Free From “Perfect”

Have you ever felt like everything had to be perfect? 

That you had to be perfect, perform perfect or have a perfect life that you see others living on social media?

Well I’m here to tell you that you do NOT need to be perfect. Please give yourself the permission to be human. Perfect is surfacy, but messy is real and substantial.

As humans we are going to make mistakes, we are meant to feel the full range of emotions and at times to fail.  And that’s ok.  It’s actually more than ok.  Why?

Because there is beauty in forgiveness.

Because there is honor in saying “I’m sorry”.

Because failure helps us learn and ultimately makes us stronger. 

We become even more incredible versions of ourselves when we dive into the messiness of life and can still find the beauty and hope in it all. 

You are good enough as you are.  It has taken me a lifetime to figure this out.  Until I realized that we are all pieces of the puzzle that is life.  Each unique and each valuable in simply existing.  When we calm ourselves and quiet all the voices that tell us we are failing, it is possible to begin feeling good enough as we embrace the fact that we are amazing in our own way. The magnificent light that comes from this understanding within us begins to shine from the inside out and pours into every moment and every patient interaction with others.  When we see the beauty in other people it invites them into the sunshine that is you and then they too are filled with light seeing themselves as good enough too.  Competition and resentment decrease and you start feeling connected to a greater source of love, light, peace and happiness.

You don’t have to achieve to be good enough.  Just be, experience all aspects of life, react as best you can with love and kindness.  Be present in every moment.

What would you do or think differently if you embraced your humanness today?

Much love,