Bursting with Joy!

There are certain moments in life that are just infused with excitement.  I’ve felt it before, and maybe you have to, in those few seconds before a first kiss, in the moments just before stepping onstage, or maybe as a kid on Christmas Eve waiting to open presents. 

Right in this moment my heart is feeling so warm and full.  Why?  Because tomorrow is the big Yoga Expo in LA in which I will debut Inspirational Ambiance for the very first time.  I’m actually up at 5:30am writing this because I’m so excited and can’t wait to share my joy with you and the world. 

What was at the core that sparked the idea of Inspirational Ambiance?  It was when I would go to meditation or yoga classes in rooms that were simply four plain walls of wood or mirrors.  (Absolutely nothing wrong with these studios, I just felt myself wanting more).  I’d find my mind wandering constantly during class and trying my best to “gently bring my thoughts back to my breath”.  Then I thought, what if my surroundings also engaged my senses to help me stay focused and help me reach that deeper place of peace? 

Have you felt those moments of that kind of peace before? Where you are utterly relaxed, content within yourself, and all seems right with the world?  I’ve felt it before, especially in nature, and wanted to create it. 

I started using my set design skills from college and decided to start with a huge drop of a waterfall and adding complimentary décor.  I would walk through a swap meet and a piece would simply jump out at me and I had to buy it for Inspirational Ambiance (for example the real wood stumps in the Blissful Pools wellness theme were just too unique to pass up!).  But I didn’t want to stop there, I wanted this to be a full sensory experience for people.  So I added an aromatherapy diffuser with oils and a sound system to play music.  The cherry on top of everything was finding gorgeous sitting pillows.  The goal was that Inspirational Ambiance would engage the senses through visual beauty, relaxing smells, soothing sounds, and the soft touch of the pillows.

To me, this is a Walt Disney level of quality, and I wouldn’t settle for less than that highest level of attention to detail and comfort. 

Tomorrow I will be presenting this, my passion, to the world. 

A MASSIVE thank you to all of you and for everyone who has supported and encouraged me along with journey.  Much love!!