Employers are Seeing the Value of Workplace Wellness

Sleep deprivation costs the US $411 billion in annual economic losses, with a third of the US adult population getting less than the recommended 7 hours of sleep per night.

Some companies are getting savvy to addressing this issue in the workplace by providing employees quiet spaces where they can go to relax and reboot. 

In the below article in the LA Times, it shows how some companies like Google have been offering napping spaces for about a decade, and other companies are following suite shifting their corporate culture by adding nap pods.  All in an effort to encourage a more productive workforce.

“They’re just looking for places where people can go get reenergized,” said Tom Zurowski, founding principal of Eastlake. “Certainly that need to just get away from all the noise and maybe take a nap is one of the options they want to provide.”

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Top Image: Trivago Workspace, Bottom Image: Framery NapQ