Getting Out Into the World

This January something amazing happened:  We debuted Inspirational Ambiance at the Yoga Expo in LA and people LOVED IT! 

I can’t tell you how excited I was to speak with so many people who were interested in learning more about what we do.  People got to see first hand our display, and many sat and experienced it, meditated, and some even asked to take pictures in front of it!  (click on the video above to see pics from the event!)

Such a wonderful day, presenting this new concept of wellness spaces and design to the world.  It was like presenting my baby, the vision I’ve contemplated and turned into a reality, and bringing it out for everyone to see. 

I got incredible feedback from the attendees at the Expo and found that many people were very interested in permanent designs for their homes or offices.  I’d first started with the idea of rentals for Inspirational Ambiance, yet as this business has been developing, I’m hearing so many people saying “I want to keep this!”

So!  These past few months I’ve been working hard to connect with suppliers and creating a process to be able to offer permanent design services for those who would like a beautiful wellness space theme for their home or office that they can keep forever! Stay tuned for this next incredible chapter!!

Much love! <3