The Impact of Our Surroundings

If you were to take a moment to look around you, what would you see?  If you are at home, do you see clothes lying around, cluttered shelves or dirty dishes?  Or maybe things are tidy, clean kept and neat. 

What does your desk at work look like? Is it crowded with pens and papers, sticky notes with your to-do lists, and coffee mugs with cold coffee from this morning?  Or is it well organized, clean, with a green plant or desk fountain?

Whatever your space looks like, it has a significant effect on your mood, feelings of well being and your emotional state. 

Look at these two pictures of a kitchen sink.  Which one immediately elicits feelings of freshness and peace?  What feelings come up for you when looking at the other?  It’s amazing how our surroundings can effect how we feel on a subconscious level!

So if you’re like most human beings, you want more feelings of peace, joy, relaxation and inspiration. 

There is actually a lot you can do to create your ideal surroundings to produce more of these good feelings.  Marie Kondo has a fabulous book called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” that talks about how organizing our space can make a big difference on our lives.  I believe the audio book version can even be found on YouTube (if you’re the busy type like me who likes to listen to audio books and podcasts in the car).

This whole concept of creating a beautiful space to provide positive and peaceful feelings is at the heart of what we do at Inspirational Ambiance.  Our goal is to create custom wellness space themes that are specific to what inspires our customers.  Whether your happy place is on a beach, in a forest, overlooking mountains, meditating in a zen garden, we want to bring that out of your mind and into reality!

Much love!