To Bali and Beyond!

Gili Air Island Sunrise

All over the Earth, there are pockets of paradise just waiting for us to discover.  Waterfalls, beaches, mountain ranges, deserts, African plains begging to be explored and appreciated. 

Just recently, I journeyed to Bali and experienced some of these incredible slices of heaven, and brought back footage to incorporate into Inspirational Ambiance. 

Imagine crystal clear waters, the smell of fragipan flowers or locally brewed coffee, lush green trees everywhere, hidden waterfalls relaxing spa treatments, the most friendly people you’d ever meet, traditional cultural dances, Hindu temples and statues every block, and the sounds of instruments and the gamelan.

It couldn’t be described as anything less than awe inspiring, but our joy is increased when we share what we find.  So we will now be offering Balinese theme designs in which you can have and keep your own piece of beautiful Bali in your home or workplace without having to fly for 23 hours on a plane to get there!